When I put myself in the shoes of a buyer, especially one in the IB market, I wish I had more houses to look at!

It’s hard to make compromises but when you must and we all do, I recommend prioritizing where you want to live and second staying within your budget. 

We need to remember, the number one reason to buy a house or condo, is to make it your home.  It’s a long term investment for your future today and hopefully for your family’s growth tomorrow. 

Imperial Beach is a great place to start your search.  We have a home for everyone.  Even the high end buyer.  Our Beach community has seen a 265% increase of high end homes being sold and offered near the beach in just the past year.  What do I consider a high end home?  Houses selling above $800K in IB.

If you aren’t in that category, fear not!  The largest percent of homes sold in IB fell between $500k-$700K. Even better, most of our homes in IB are less then 2 miles to the beach.

Imperial Beach is a wonderful small town community and my home town.  We saw a 5.6% appreciation last year which is double the average growth in San Diego County (SD was 2.8%)  If you are reading this and need another reason to come and make IB your home, contact me! 

IB is more than Okay…..It’s GR-R-Reat!