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Is Imperial Beach a Good Real Estate Investment?

Yes, it is! There has been a new “wave” of development in Imperial Beach. Imperial Beach, or IB as the locals call it, is the most southwesterly town in the US and has long been a quiet beach town of just about 30,000 people. It has often been the most affordable coastal town in San Diego county, and a very affordable town even by national standards.


There are now major developments either about to start soon or are waiting for final approval that deserve a real estate investment nod. These new developments and amenities are thought to increase the future housing supply and tourism, possibly making IB a major real estate investment opportunity!


In 2013, Pier South and Sea 180, a restaurant by the Cohn Restaurant Group, set this chain of development projects in motion. One of those projects was the Breakwater Town Center – which just had its grand opening in October. The Brigantine also opened in the beginning of November. By the end of this month, the city will be opening the first dog park in IB. New projects we are expecting, including the Bernardo Shores condos and the Navy SEAL training center, are also thought to bring more families to the community.


Over the past three years, housing prices have increased dramatically though still remaining modest by San Diego standards. Through this Imperial Beach has been able to maintain its quiet beach town appeal that its long-time residents love. Overall, IB residents are excited to have new amenities and to see their hometown getting some love. Though we all hope this won’t affect our parking situation! J


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